Victim Services Survey

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Recently, you had the occasion to work with our Victim Advocate(s) and we would like some feedback on your experience. The Victim Advocate works within the Victim Services program under the Criminal Investigations Division at the Cocoa Police Department located at 1226 West King Street, Cocoa, Florida. The Victim Advocate makes contact with crime victims and survivors to offer support, resources, and information related to the criminal justice system.

As part of our follow-up and quality assurance program, we would like to ask your cooperation in completing the questionnaire. You are part of a percentage of citizens surveyed each month concerning our agency’s services. At the end of the questionnaire, you may select if you want to be contacted about the survey and you may provide your name and contact number if you choose but are not required to.

Your assistance will be very helpful in allowing us to monitor and continually improve the service that we deliver the citizens of Cocoa.