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City of Cocoa Public Safety Sponsorship Program Application

  1. Before applying, please make sure you will be able to fully participate. This program is time intensive and should be carefully considered by highly committed students. Please note the Eastern Florida State College (EFSC) admission requirements.

    To be eligible, Applicants Must:

        Cocoa High student. 

        Be a current Senior (planning to graduate in May 2023) with good academic standing or student who recently graduated.

        18 years of age and authorized to work in the United States

        Accepted for enrollment or currently attending Eastern Florida State College.

    - -Fire Sponsorship Applicants must complete and pass EFSC Fire Training Academy Course, and EMT

    - Police Sponsorship Applicants must complete the EFSC Police Academy program.

        Undergo and pass a medical physical examination

        Non-User of tobacco products (Fire Applicants Only)

        Obtain Letter of Recommendation from School Guidance Counselor

        Obtain Letter of Recommendation from Community Member

        Submit typed essay on why you should receive the sponsorship, not to exceed 500 words, that covers the following:

        Describe why you are seeking work as a Police Officer or Firefighter/EMT for the City of Cocoa and what that career will mean to you, your family, and your community.

        Discuss any volunteer work you currently, or have, participated during the past two years.

        Describe the impact that you believe education has had on your life.

    Upon completion of the EFSC EMT and Fire academy, Sponsorship Recipients will then begin employment with the City of Cocoa as a Firefighter/EMT. Police Applicants will begin employment as a Police Officer Trainee while attending the Police Academy.


        Please complete each section in full.

        Type or print legibly in black ink.

        Include necessary signatures.

        Obtain Letters of recommendation

        Complete the Essay requirement

        Complete applications must be received no later than May 5, 2023 (please keep a copy of your application).

    Selection Process: 

        A committee will review all applications and select candidate(s) for a panel interview. Selected sponsorship recipients will be notified at the Cocoa HS Award Ceremony in late May. 

    2023 Program Dates:

        December 6, 2023- In-School Information at Cocoa High School

        December 11, 2023 – Cocoa Police Department Open House

        December 12, 2023 – Cocoa Fire Department Open House

        April 1, 2024 at midnight – Sponsorship Applications Due

    To apply for the Firefighter Trainee Sponsorship, please visit Firefighter Trainee Sponsorship | Job Details tab | Career Pages (

    To apply for the Firefighter Trainee Sponsorship, please visit Police Officer Trainee Sponsorship | Job Details tab | Career Pages (

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