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Consent to Verify Meter Calibration

  1. Please complete this form in its entirety and submit. This form must be submitted and received before any work is scheduled to be performed. By signing this form your are agreeing to have a Meter Calibration Test completed and agreeing to a fee (below) being applied to your account. If you have not spoken to Customer Service prior to completing this form, please call (321) 433-8400 during regular business hours. Please see the section "Meter Calibration - What to Expect" below for more information on the calibration process.
  2. Fees:
  3. 3/4" to 2" Meter


  4. 3" to 10" Meter:


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  6. Water Meter Calibration - What to Expect

    Any customer may request the City test their water meter for accuracy at the rate(s) set forth in Schedule B and in accordance with the Utilities Handbook. Water meter testing is performed at the consumer’s expense.  

    In accordance with American Water Works Association Manual M6, a meter is deemed “Accurate” when the weighted average of all tests performed is between 98.5% and 101.5% of the actual quantity of water that passes through the meter during the calibration test.  Any meter that performs outside the above-mentioned parameters is deemed to be “Not Functioning as designed”.

     If the tests determine the meter is functioning outside the established limits:

    1. The testing fee will be refunded to the account.
    2. The meter will be replaced, at the discretion of the City, and, at no cost to the account holder.
    3. If over-registering has occurred, the associated water account will be adjusted by the percentage of error as calculated on the average of the readings recorded for up to a 12-month billing period.
  7. If you would like to request a Meter Calibration, at your own expense, please complete the form in its entirety and submit. You may elect to be emailed a copy for your your records.  Should you have any additional questions, please contact Customer Service during regular business hours at 321-433-8400.

  8. By typing my name in this form, I affirm the accuracy of information provided on this application. I understand that this constitutes a legal signature and confirms that I agree to the above terms.
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