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Application for Annexation to the City of Cocoa

  1. Application for Annexation to the City of Cocoa

    This application must be completed in its entirety to apply for property annexation to the City of Cocoa. You may reach out to Economic Development at (321) 433-8684 or (321) 433-8685 or with any questions related to this application or the annexation process.

  2. Application process steps*

    The following are the steps involved in the application process for annexation. You must check the "I agree" box to continue.

    1. An annexation application must be completed, signed and submitted to the City of Cocoa's Office of Economic Development.
    2. City of Cocoa's Economic Development staff will review the application and provide a tentative timeline to the applicant along with an invoice for fees associated with annexation.
    3. Applicant must approve the provided timeline.
    4. Once the timeline is approved, the application will be submitted to Cocoa City Council for approval.
    5. If Council accepts the application for annexation, the City of Cocoa Economic Development staff will forward a letter to the Chair of the Brevard County Board of County Commissioners notifying the Commission of the Council's acceptance of the annexation application. The letter will include the dates of the first and second/final reading of ordinances annexing the property (ies). 
    6. The County has 30 days to comment on the proposed annexation. 
    7. Legal advertisements will be placed once a week for two consecutive weeks prior to the first reading of the annexation ordinance.
    8. The first reading will occur of the annexation ordinance by Cocoa City Council. 
    9. Legal advertisements will be placed once a week for two consecutive weeks prior to the second/final reading of the annexation ordinance.
    10. Second/final reading of the annexation ordinance by Cocoa City Council.
    11. City staff will then file the approved ordinance with the Brevard County Clerk, County Manager, and Florida Department of State.
    12. Then the applicant will need to meet with Planning and Zoning staff to apply for Future Land Use and Zoning changes (if needed).
  3. Applicant/Agent Information
  4. Property Owner Information

    If not the same as applicant information above.

  5. Property Information
  6. Note: If there are two or more lots/parcels or portions, please make sure to upload legal descriptions for all properties.

  7. Attachments needed:
  8. A copy of the last recorded warranty deed or other proof of ownership of the affected property is required.

  9. A letter of authorization or agent affidavit is required if the applicant is other than the owner(s) of the property. Please note that each property owner must complete a separate letter of authorization.

  10. If the applicant/agent is representing a company, corporation, or organization, articles of incorporation or other suitable corporate documents are required.

  11. Recommended, but not required.

  12. The above-signed applicant with approval from the property owner(s) of the described real property situated in Brevard County, Florida, upon becoming contiguous to the present boundaries of the City of Cocoa, Florida, do hereby request that said property be annexed into the corporate limits of the City of Cocoa. 

    Further, request that said property be given a future land use designation and zoned under the Zoning Ordinance and Land Development Regulations of the City of Cocoa.

    The above-signed has been advised of, understands, and in consideration of annexation, utility services, and other good and valuable consideration, do hereby agree and covenant as follows: 

    1. All structures and improvements erected upon said property subsequent to annexation shall comply with all present and future City of Cocoa codes, resolutions, and ordinances, including site plan review procedures for each structure. Nothing herein shall be construed to excuse the owners or applicant from complying with the applicable laws, rules, and regulations of other governmental agencies, including obtaining environmental permits;
    2. To pay any impact fees assessed under any applicable present or future regulations and ordinances as set forth by the City of Cocoa; and
    3. This submission shall be binding upon the parties, their successors, assignees, and legal representatives.

    Further, the above-signed applicant hereby certifies that they have read and examined all of the statements and allegations above, including attachments, and after being duly sworn, depose and say that such statements are correct, complete, true, and voluntarily made with full knowledge thereof.

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