Do I need to evacuate?

Brevard County’s mandatory evacuation areas include the barrier islands, mobile and manufactured homes, and low-lying areas.  Homes near US 1 may be in a storm surge zone.  Visit the Brevard County Emergency Management website to determine whether you live in an evacuation zone.  Deciding to stay when you are told to evacuate could mean a delay in emergency services and difficulty to reach you.  It can also mean an increased risk of losing utility services.  Visit Evacuation Zones to see if you are in an evacuation zone.

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1. Do I need to evacuate?
2. Do I live on a Barrier Island?
3. When will evacuations be announced?
4. Where is my closest emergency shelter?
5. What should I bring to an emergency shelter?
6. If I evacuate, do I need to turn off my water?
7. Will the City of Cocoa turn off my water during a storm?
8. Will the causeways close before the storm hits?
9. Where can I find the latest updates about the storm?
10. Does the City of Cocoa provide sand bags?
11. When will my trash and yard debris be picked up before the storm?
12. Will public safety personnel respond during a storm?
13. When will my power come back on?
14. Why should I conserve water during and after a storm?
15. Why is my hurricane debris not getting picked up?
16. How soon can I come back home after a storm has passed?