Is my water safe to drink?

Cocoa’s water is safe to drink. Cocoa is a regional utility provider. As such, safe, reliable, quality drinking water is our job and we are dedicated to providing that to our customers.

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1. Why is Cocoa temporarily switching its disinfection method?
2. Do other local utilities that typically disinfect water with chloramine periodically use free chlorine for disinfection?
3. Who is affected by the temporary switch in disinfectant?
4. What actions do I need to take to prepare for the temporary switch in disinfectant?
5. How can I remove chlorine from drinking water?
6. What is chloramine?
7. Is my water safe to drink?
8. Where can I find more information on Cocoa’s drinking water?
9. Why are chlorine and chloramine harmful to fish, amphibians, and reptiles?
10. How can I make water safe for fish, amphibians, and reptiles?
11. What tests will determine if the water is safe for aquatic animals?
12. How will chlorine and chloramine affect dialysis patients and facilities?
13. What methods are used to remove chlorine and chloramine from water before dialysis?