What should I do if I see someone without a face covering?

Be courteous and kind! The individual may have a valid reason, including concerns for their own health and safety. Please do not shame or yell at people who are not wearing face coverings. Others may have breathing problems or health issues you do not know about. People who cannot wear a cloth face covering are not required to show proof of their medical condition nor are they required to name their medical condition.

For your own safety, do not confront or start an argument with individuals. Stay at least 6-feet away from people who are not wearing face coverings. You can call or talk to the business owner or manager about your concerns if you see staff or customers who are not wearing face covers in indoor public settings while not social distancing.

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1. Why is the City of Cocoa requiring me to wear a mask in public?
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14. How do I report a business that is not following the emergency ordinance requiring patrons to wear face coverings?
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17. What should I do if I see someone without a face covering?
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