How can I pay my water bill if I can't get inside City Hall?

Customer Service employees will be available to still answer phones, process drop box items, and answer e-mails during this time. There are also multiple ways to pay your utility bill online or virtually through your banking institution. 

Payments can be made in multiple ways including:

-Mailing your payment to PO Box 1270, Cocoa, FL 32923-1270 (Do not mail cash payments.)

-Arrange for online payment through your banking institution

-Place your check/money order payment in the secure drop box on the south side of Cocoa City Hall, 65 Stone St.

-Online Bill Pay with a credit card or online check, (Fees do apply through our online bill processor First Billing.) 

-Automatic Debit Agreement Form(Completed form and all needed attachments can be e-mailed to, mailed to Water Customer Service at 65 Stone St., Cocoa, FL 32922, or dropped in the secure drop box on the south side of City Hall.)

-Calling the automated phone system at (321) 433-8400 (Fees do apply.)

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