What is the overview of the program and objectives?

The City of Cocoa Citizens Academy is a 10-week program designed to inform residents and community stakeholders about the operations of city government and what is involved in delivering and maintaining services to the citizens of Cocoa. The program is designed for residents and Cocoa business owners that are 18 years and older who are interested in learning more about their local government and how they can get involved in their community. Class size is limited to the first fifteen (15) Cocoa residents or business owners that apply. At the end of the program, participants should have an increased understanding of the organizational structure and operations of the various departments that impact the quality of life in the City of Cocoa. Graduates of the Citizens Academy will be prepared to have a role in the future of their neighborhoods and the City overall through government/citizen engagement. Graduates are encouraged to participate in their local government by joining one of the many boards and committees the City has established to help make decisions regarding your local government. Each participant will be encouraged to apply for a board or committee once they have completed the program.

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1. What is Cocoa's Citizens Academy?
2. Who can participate in the program?
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6. What is the overview of the program and objectives?