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Nov 03

Team Cocoa's Hurricane Response

Posted on November 3, 2017 at 4:18 PM by Samantha Senger

Team Cocoa-2
Team CocoaThe week before September 11th, as we were supposed to be preparing for the 9/11 stair climb event and the first weekend of football, those of us in Florida were preparing for Hurricane Irma.  Hurricane Irma was a historically destructive storm that came from the west and left a path of destruction in her wake.  

Our area saw massive amounts of debris, roof destruction, no electricity in most areas, water outages, flooding, and destruction to docks and structures along the river and the beach.  The damages were far and wide not just in our community, but across the state.  

The City of Cocoa lost water pressure in our water system at about 4:30am on Monday morning, September 11th that left all of our water customers without water pressure.  A break in our transmission line under the Indian River caused by the velocity of the currents from the damaging winds caused thousands to be without water.  

As residents and customers were trying to return to their homes after evacuating, employees were racing to locate the cause of the loss of pressure, get water restored, and clear the roads to get our residents and customers back to normal.  From Utility crews locating and fixing breaks, to the Public Works crews clearing trees from power lines and roadways, to the Community Services crews assessing damages, to the Police Officers and Firefighters keeping our residents safe, to our Customer Service representatives answering thousands of phone calls, and to our Emergency Operations Staff coordinating recovery efforts and communicating to our residents, ALL of TEAM COCOA was in full force.

Everyone pushed through 12-16 hour days to make sure what needed to get done, got done for our community.  Leaving their homes behind, many damaged also from the storm and their families behind to help make sure our residents were able to safely get back to normal.  

Yes, this is part of our job responsibility as a public servant but it really takes a special person to take on the responsibility of public service and we here in Cocoa have a lot of special people.