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Jun 15

Larry Sinclair - Broadmoor Acres

Posted on June 15, 2017 at 10:57 AM by Samantha Senger

Broadmoor Acres
Taking Pride in his Community Through Restoration and Preservation

A little over 2 years ago, Larry Sinclair moved into the Broadmoor Acres neighborhood off of Fiske Boulevard in Cocoa.  Shortly after Mr. Sinclair moved into the neighborhood he had some property stolen. Mr. Sinclair decided to fight back and pushed to make sure the person responsible was brought to justice.
The process to do this made Mr. Sinclair see the need for his neighbors to take control of their neighborhood and stand up to crime.  Mr. Sinclair decided to take back his community and bring it back to the days when neighbors felt safe and worked together to help each other.  He was tired of seeing run-down homes that were owned by people who didn’t care about the community and homes that had code issues and crime.  

Mr. Sinclair decided to form Broadmoor Acres Community Restoration and Preservation, Inc.  This organization was formed to take control of the neighborhood where neighbors work together to address the needs in their community.  Neighbors helping neighbors is the premise behind the community group that strives to make their neighborhood a safe and inviting place to live.
Mr. Sinclair wanted to see a community that people wanted to own a home in, invest in, and be active in. He started by raising money to help neighbors with code issues and then began investing in homes and vacant land in the community to help neighbors become home owners instead of renting from property owners not invested in the community.  Mr. Sinclair also raised money to assist with projects in the community such as security cameras and LED lighting throughout the neighborhood.  His most recent funding project goal is to build a park and community center in the neighborhood.

Residents who have lived in the Broadmoor Acres community for years now say they feel safer than ever since Mr. Sinclair moved into the neighborhood.

“One Larry in every neighborhood in the City, who is willing to stand up to crime and step up to make their neighborhood a better place, would help make Cocoa a greater community,” said District 2 Councilwoman Brenda Warner.