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Oct 06

Happy New Year!

Posted on October 6, 2014 at 3:31 PM by Samantha Senger

It's the start of a new fiscal year here in the City of Cocoa.  Council adopted the budget at the last budget hearing in September and the fiscal year officially began October 1st. 

As I have stated in my previous blogs, the City of Cocoa is in the process of a strategic planning initiative.  Back in May, Council, staff and the community identified seven key strategic issues facing the City of Cocoa; Crime, Image, Economic Development, Employees, Financial Stability, Community Development, and Public Safety.  In the coming months, staff will be working with Council and the community to form committees and ideas on ways to tackle these issues.

Staff has already implemented some initiatives to improve the image of Cocoa.  You may have noticed over the past few months, the City of Cocoa has been using an updated logo and branding.  This new brand is being incorporated throughout the City.  You will see this on new business cards, coming out soon on our website, utilized in event flyers and more.  The entire City will identify with one brand and we will be working to unify the City image department and City wide.  
New City Logo 

We are also working on the entry points to the City.  We want to welcome residents and tourists alike as they enter our City and identify that they are in our City.  You may have noticed the four corners of US1 and SR520.  These signs are backlit so they can be seen at night as well. 
US1 Signs

Council just recently approved a design for welcome signs as well that incorporate the new logo and brand.  This will unify all of the signage throughout the City into one.  The signs are made of cedar and will come in various sizes depending on the speed limit of the road.  Keep an eye out for these signs coming soon!
Welcome Sign

So keep an eye on the City of Cocoa as we work on this strategic planning effort.  We need the citizens and the community to be part of this ongoing process.  Many of these strategic issues that were identified are dependent on one another.  So this process will take time but we need to work together as a community to move Cocoa forward!  

If you are interested in participating in any future strategic planning efforts by the City, please e-mail me at     


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