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May 12

January - Rev-Cut Mower

Posted to Business Spotlight by Lauri Thompson

Rev-Cut Mower

Established in 1954, Rev-Cut Mower has been operating in the same building in the City of Cocoa for more than 60 years. Originally owned by the Tompkins family, entrepreneurialism did not start with the mower business for Dan, Kate, Dave and Dale Tompkins. The family-run fruit stand adjacent to the Tompkins’ home sparked interest in business ownership, which lead to the founding of Rev-Cut Mower. The business’s most notable sale was that of the Tompkins’ own two-cycle mower for only $59.00, which came with lifetime sharpening. It’s this dedication to customer satisfaction that will guarantee business success for another 60 years.

In 1983, current owners, Bob La Pontny and Jackie Campeau La Pontny acquired Rev-Cut Mower, expanding the stock to include the Stihl and Echo brands. In 1990, the business went through yet another expansion, this time increasing the size of the building. What started out as a mere 1,000 square foot mom and pop facility is now a 10,000 square foot showroom and shop servicing over 15 different brands. Bob and Jackie retired from the business in 2012, leaving the day-to-day operations to Sales & Services Manager Bill Peters.

Bill has been with Rev-Cut for 25 years and plans to continue shaping the business at the customers’ request. Brands currently found at Rev-Cut Mower are Echo, Gravely, Snapper, Stihl and Toro. 

For more information on Rev-Cut Mower go to or visit their showroom at 2005 North Cocoa Blvd, Cocoa, FL 32922.

In memory of Jackie Campeau La Pontny

Dec 16

Vacuum Truck Replacement - Your Stormwater Dollars At Work

Posted to Capital Improvement Projects by Rachel Horst

The City of Cocoa is 
public works employees working with vacuum truck
remodeling it’s Storm
water Vacuum Truck which is currently
 on a 1985 chassis. The equipment from the truck is being moved to a 2021 Mack chassis. This process will save the City nearly $400,000 by not having to replace the entire vehicle and should increase the service life of the vehicle for another 20 years. The Stormwater Division uses this vehicle to clean out debris from storm drains. This vehicle refurbishment is being done by the manufacturer near Jacksonville, FL and should be complete by March or April 2021. Due to the weight of the vehicle, this process cannot be done in house. This project is part of the 10-year Stormwater Master Plan.
May 20

Engage in your Community

Posted to Cocoa Communications by Lauri Thompson

What does is it mean to engage in your community?  Be involved, be active, volunteer, communicate, attend meetings.  All of these things are crucial components of engaging in your community.  This is how Wikipedia defines Community Engagement: Community engagement refers to the process by which community benefit organizations and individuals build ongoing, permanent relationships for the purpose of applying a collective vision for the benefit of a community. 

This past Friday, the City of Cocoa hosted a Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon for the individuals that volunteer their time to benefit this community.  There were individuals who volunteer on one of our many boards or committees, special event volunteers and volunteer cops, among many others.  The Volunteer of the Year award was given to Mr. George Brown, Jr. who has volunteered on a board for over 30 years.  Mr. Brown is committed to moving his community forward!
George Brown Volunteer Award George Brown, Jr. with Cocoa City Council at Volunteer Recognition Luncheon

Engaging in your community is not just about volunteering.  You can get involved in your community other ways as well.  There are two City Council meetings every month as well as other meetings throughout the year such as town hall meetings, visioning sessions, budget hearings, board meetings, etc.  Come out to these meetings and give your thoughts and opinions.  The City of Cocoa has a Facebook Page, Twitter Page, an online forum and this community blog.  You can give your feedback to topics posted on these social media platforms.  Let your ideas be heard and engage in your community processes.  

Request tours of City facilities or have a City representative come and speak with your classroom, neighborhood, and/or community organization.  The City of Cocoa Utilities Department has several conservation topics that can be brought to your classroom or community organization meeting.  Set up a tour of one of our City facilities such as the Dyal Water Treatment plant.  Come see how the City of Cocoa works.  Recently Deputy Mayor, Clarence Whipple, Jr. visited Emma Jewel Charter Academy for their career day event and spoke with the students about what it's like to be an elected official and the duties and responsibilities involved on a daily basis for this position.  Students were engaged and asking some intense questions of Mr. Whipple. 
Deputy Mayor Whipple at Emma Jewel Charter Academy  Deputy Mayor Whipple at the Emma Jewel Charter Academy Career Day event

So I challenge you to find a way to become engaged in our community and help to move Cocoa forward.  We need to work together to continue to move forward and community engagement is the key to our success.

Begin your community engagement process by coming out to the Mayor's Crime Awareness and Prevention Summit next Tuesday, September 30th from 6-9pm at the Cocoa Civic Center.  Share your ideas on how we as a community can keep decreasing crime and turn around the image of Cocoa for good.           

Volunteer needs for the City of Cocoa:

    -The Police Department is always in need of volunteer cops.  This is an all volunteer program that is coordinated through the Cocoa Police Department.  Volunteers register to assist the police department with certain calls such as traffic related issues, road closures, work with the Community Resource Unit, work special events, cover school zones, assist with training days, etc.  To volunteer for this program please contact Chico Mastropaolo at or Major Mark Oenbrink at (321) 637-6315.

    -The Leisure Services Department puts on several community events throughout the year like FREE movies in the park, Halloween in the Village, Cocoa's Holiday Festival, July 4th with the Brevard Symphony Orchestra.  Thousands of attendees come out for these events each year.  The City of Cocoa puts on these events for the community but could not do it without the assistance of volunteers.  Volunteer duties range from running activities such as bounce houses and kids games to face painting and trash pick-up.  To volunteer for these great community events, fill out a Volunteer Application and submit to the HR Department, 65 Stone St., Cocoa, FL 32922.  HR will notify the Leisure Services department once your application has been approved.

    -Boards and Committees: There are several boards and committees within the City of Cocoa that are in need of members including the Affordable Housing Committee, the Board of Trustees for the Firefighters Retirement Plan, US 1 Corridor Redevelopment Agency and the Utilities Advisory Board.  Click Here to learn more on how you can become a member.       

Comment below on this blog or e-mail me, Samantha Senger, Public Relations Specialist at to send your thoughts and/or comments.  You can also reach me at (321) 433-8685.