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February 1, 2021 8:00 AM

Temporary Change in Disinfection Method for Cocoa Water Customers from March 8-April 16, 2021

Beginning March 8, 2021 and continuing through April 16, 2021, Cocoa water customers may notice a chlorine odor or a change in taste or color in their tap water. During this period, Cocoa Utilities Department will temporarily change its water disinfection method to provide additional protection against contamination to help ensure that your water remains safe. This temporary change in water chemistry will not affect the safety of your drinking water.

What is changing?
The Cocoa Utilities Dept. normally uses chloramine to disinfect the water. Chloramine is commonly used to disinfect drinking water. It is formed by mixing chlorine with ammonia. It is more stable than chlorine providing longer-lasting disinfection as the water moves through pipes to our customers. You can find out more about chloramine at During this temporary change, free chlorine – without any ammonia – will be used. Changing to free chlorine periodically provides additional protection against microorganism contamination and helps ensure the water you receive remains safe.

What does this mean?
The disinfection process change was determined based on a review of a recent water quality analysis to provide additional protection against contamination and ensure the safety of your water. This temporary change in the disinfection method of your water will not affect the safety of your water. You water remains safe to drink and use in your home.

Special Cautions for Kidney Dialysis Patients & Fish Owners
During the first two weeks and last two weeks of this period, as the water in the distribution system transitions from chloramine disinfectant to free chlorine and then back to chloramines, customers who use kidney dialysis machines should be aware that their water may contain chlorine, ammonia, and/or a mixture of the two. During the middle six weeks, the water should contain free chlorine only. Other specialized users of water, such as fish owners, stores and restaurants with fish aquariums and holding tanks for fish and shellfish, along with hospitals, blood/dialysis clinics, or users of home dialysis equipment may need to take action to maintain appropriate water quality during this temporary switch in disinfection.

These users are encouraged to contact an appropriate professional for guidance on how to use the equipment during this period. The temporary change in treatment may have adverse effects on dialysis machines and may be harmful to fish and aquatic mammals if not properly addressed.

For additional information:
The Cocoa Utilities Department is committed to providing clean, fresh drinking water to all customers. For more information on this change in treatment process visit our website at You can also call Don Downs, Utilities Conservation & PR Officer, 321-433-8705,, 351 Shearer Boulevard, Cocoa, FL 32922.

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