Photo of Detective Dale Dixon
Detective Dale Dixon

Dale was rehired by the department in 1984; approximately four years ago he was assigned to the Detective Bureau. He had served 13 years with our department prior and was promoted to Sgt. before having to relocate. We were pleased to rehire Dale back to the department.

Tenacious Investigator

During the last year, Dale has been instrumental in investigating numerous high profile cases, including a homicide, several armed home invasions, sexual batteries and others, too numerous to mention. Dale is an important part of this department.

Through his work and contacts in the community many crimes have been solved. Dale has built rapport with many of the citizens and pawn brokers. He is trusted by the community and consequently has been the contact for numerous citizens to come forward with information.

Trainer & Mentor

Dale has served as a mentor to many young officers both through his FTO training and as one of the senior detectives. He shares his knowledge and skill in an effort to further this department's goals and operations. Dale can always be counted on to provide insight and valuable expertise to any that ask. His leadership and dedication are apparent to all the officers that know him in this department.

Long Term Service

Dale has served on the Police Retirement Board for the past 6 years and has performed in an outstanding manner.

It would be common for a man with Dale's 30 + years to slow down and rest on his laurels, however, Dale remains committed to providing the best service possible to the citizens and officers of the City of Cocoa.

Please join the members of the Cocoa Police Department in congratulating Detective Dale Dixon for being named officer of the year for 2002!