Photo of Officer Ken Shedrick
Officer Ken Shedrick

In 2003, Ken worked 2,409 calls for service. In addition, Ken made 82 arrests, many of which resulted in multiple charges against a defendant. Ken presents well written, detailed reports which (the State Attorney's office has noted on several occasions) assists in their prosecution of a case.

Always Available

Ken is extremely pro-active and is always willing to assist a fellow officer. There were times when an officer would call for back-up only to find out that Ken was already on his way.

Ken also volunteered many hours to assist in fund-raising efforts for Sgt. Charlie Womack.

Valuable Asset

However, it's not just about the number of calls he has handled. Ken has a working knowledge of our community which makes him a valuable asset. Ken assisted the Special Investigations Unit on numerous occasions by identifying subjects from surveillance photos. His assistance proved so valuable that he has since been assigned to the unit.

On the day Officer Ladie Ripoll was injured, Ken was the second officer on the scene. He assisted Detective Chris Daniels in handcuffing the suspect, and then went to help Officer Ripoll. Officer Ripoll had lost a great deal of blood; however, Ken elevated her leg and applied pressure, slowing the loss of blood. He cared for her until medics could arrive. Ken puts forth a 100% effort on a daily basis.

Please join the members of the Cocoa Police Department in congratulating Officer Ken Shedrick on for being named officer of the year for 2003!