Plan Implementation

Police Officers Duties

The assigned police officers use various operational tactics and strategies to meet program goals, including the following:
  • Increasing law enforcement activity over and above normal service. The program officers utilize call workload analysis and crime statistics in order to allow assignments of officers on those days and hours that most accurately reflect the highest need.
  • Vehicle, bicycle, and foot patrols within the target area.
  • Participating in community activities in order to enhance community relations between residents and the police department, including activities of the Youth Baseball League, anti-drug meetings and marches, community crime prevention and drug reduction activities, neighborhood, tenant, and business watch meetings, and Police Explorers.
  • Assisting residents in achieving personal growth by identifying and making referrals to those social service agencies that can aid the resident in obtaining educational testing, tutoring, a high school diploma or General Education Equivalency Certificate, job placement, or drug/alcohol treatment.
  • Participation in county-wide drug elimination and crime reduction strategies through "Community Commons", a Weed and Seed Agency.