Housing Replacement Program

Expect a five-year wait for housing replacement assistance.

In cases where it is determined by the City that a home is substandard and not suitable for rehabilitation, a homeowner may be eligible for assistance under the replacement housing program. A replacement home may be in the form of a newly constructed home on the same site or an existing home on another site. Contact the Housing & Neighborhood Services Division at (321) 433-8520 for further assistance.
  • Maximum assistance per unit is $125,000.
  • An eligible recipient shall be assisted on a first-come, first-ready basis.
  • If the recipient receives FEMA assistance or insurance proceeds, those funds must go towards the reconstruction expenses first.
  • Applicants must demonstrate the ability to pay property taxes, insurance, and utilities. Applicant must maintain the property free of non-structural code violations; and be in good standing with the City (e.g. city utility account) during the term of the deferred payment loan.
  • Properties will be inspected for eligibility / feasibility and be clear of mortgages, liens, taxes, or any other assessment unless owner has made arrangements to payoff.
  • If there is an existing mortgage(s) on the home that will be demolished the recipient must be able to pay off the first mortgage or roll it into a new mortgage.
  • Owners of properties must be the primary residents and properties assisted must be located in the city limits.
  • All assistance will be given in the form of a Deferred Payment Loan (DPL). The DPL will be a 0% interest rate loan secured by a 20 year, 5 percent forgivable lien period on the replacement property.