Cocoa Riverfront Park Stormwater Facility


Located in historic Cocoa Village, the storm water collection system in Cocoa Riverfront Park captures the "first flush" of storm water that falls on a 6.5-acre section of downtown Cocoa.

Collection of Rainfall & Storm Water

Storm water enters special catch basins that remove litter, leaves, and twigs from the storm water runoff. The first inch of rainfall is responsible for most of the sediments and other pollutants that foul our waterways. Up to 135,000 gallons of this water is collected in sediment traps, then stored briefly in storage tanks and 48-inch-diameter pipes buried under the $2.7 million park.

Reclaimed Water Facility

From there, it is pumped to the water reclamation facility for processing and distribution as reclaimed water. The St. Johns River Water Management District funded $100,000 of this $330,000 project that reduces pollutants entering the Indian River Lagoon and supplements Cocoa's expanding reclaimed water program.