Requirements to Obtain Reclaimed Water Service

Specific Requirements

  • Specific requirements. Requirements are taken from Cocoa City Code Chapter 22 (Water and Sewers), Article IV (Reclaimed Water Supply System), Sections 36-44. Full text is available at and from State of Florida Administrative Code 62-610.
  • Hose bibs (spigots or other hand-operated connections) are allowed; however, they must be located in a locked vault, service box, or compartment which is clearly labeled as "non-potable water" and bearing the words in English and Spanish "Do Not Drink" together with the equivalent international symbol. If you must use a special tool or key to operate the hose bib, then you can place it in a non-lockable vault, service box, or compartment clearly labeled as described above.
  • Inspections. Cocoa's Environmental Control Coordinator’s must inspect the customer's system before turning on the service to ensure compliance with city codes and state regulations. Periodic inspections are required after service is turned on to insure the system is being properly operated and maintained.
  • Other water equipment and installations. Any irrigation well located on the customer's property cannot be physically connected to any hose or irrigation system which is also connected to the reclaimed water system. Wells for anything other than irrigation must be abandoned.
  • Backflow prevention device. Per State of Florida Administrative Code #17-555-360, the City of Cocoa has the responsibility to ensure that the appropriate backflow prevention device is installed on the potable water service line serving the customer’s property prior to connecting reclaim water service. The type of backflow to be installed is determined by the degree of potential hazard on the property.
    If the appropriate backflow prevention assembly has not been installed on the potable water service line serving the same property as the property requiring reclaim service, the customer will be responsible for any backflow preventer installation fees. Reclaim service will not be established until the appropriate fee(s) have been paid. These fees are outlined in the City of Cocoa Utilities HandbookSchedule B: Miscellaneous Rates, Fees, and Charges.
  • Temperature/pressure relief valve on hot water heaters. Customers should have the temperature/pressure relief valve on their hot water heaters inspected immediately for proper operation. The valve should be inspected periodically thereafter to insure proper operation.
  • Property located outside the city limits of Cocoa will be required to sign an Annexation Agreement prior to making application for reclaimed water service.
  • The City of Cocoa will not reconnect the potable service line to the home. The customer is responsible for reconnection of the potable service line or having a licensed plumber perform this service.