Taylor Creek Reservoir


Taylor Creek Reservoir is located only three miles from the Claude H. Dyal Water Treatment Plant and provides additional water supply to Cocoa's system.

Constructed in the 1960s, Taylor Creek Reservoir was part of the original federal Central and Southern Florida Flood Control Project and was designed to capture and hold upland stormwater before it reached the river to reduce flood stages in the Lake Poinsett area of the St. Johns River. Today, the reservoir provides drinking water to the city of Cocoa and its customers, and provides irrigation water to the sprawling Deseret Ranches of Florida.

Reservoir Reports

According to a report by Cocoa's engineering consultant CH2M Hill, the Taylor Creek watershed annual runoff is about 36 mgd. The estimated capacity is 4 billion gallons of fresh water. St. Johns River Water Management District permits Cocoa to withdraw an average of 8.8 mgd and a maximum of 12 mgd. Surface water from Taylor Creek Reservoir is blended with the ground water.
Taylor Creek Reservoir aerial view