Banana River Tank Improvement Project

This project primarily consists of adding an ammonium sulfate storage and feed system to the Banana River Booster Station. This addition of the ammonium sulfate, in combination with the existing sodium hypochlorite system at the facility, will allow for an increase in monochloramine residual in the area. This will help minimize nitrification and corrosion in the distribution system and increase the overall water quality. Additional improvements as part of this project include the replacement of the emergency power generator that has reached the end of its useful life, the addition of a mixing system in the finished water storage tank, and replacement of the tank ladders with stairs.

Status Planning
Design Start February 2024
Design Completion October 2024
Construction Start FY 25
Construction Completion FY 25
Spent Budget $ 0
Total Budget $ 1,880,400
Percent Construction Complete 0%

Statistics as of January 2024