Social Media Policy

Use of City Social Media Websites

1. No employee may access a City social media site for the purpose of posting any content to such site without the prior written approval of their Department Director or the Public Relations Specialist. Employees desiring to access City social media sites shall read and sign the Employee Agreement for Use of Social Media form and submit the form to the Public Relations Specialist before the employee is allowed access. A copy of the form shall be maintained in the employee’s personnel file.

 2. All administrators must monitor the pages in a timely manner (typically at least once a day) to respond to messages and remove any messages deemed removable by this policy. 

3. If a City social media site allows comments or posts by third parties, the City may terminate the City social media site at any time. If the City desires to continue the use of the social media site, the City reserves the right to edit or remove any inappropriate content posted to the site. The City also reserves the right to turn off the ability of third parties to post or comment, in its discretion. The City does not intend to create a public forum, but to maintain a forum related to topics posted by the City, with language appropriate for its citizens (including minors). Inappropriate content includes:

a. Comments not related to a topic posted by the City;

b. Profane language or content; 

c. Content that promotes, fosters or perpetuates discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, age, religion, gender, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, national origin, physical or mental disability or sexual orientation;

 d. Sexual content or links to sexual content;

 e. Solicitations of commerce; 

f. Conduct or encouragement of illegal activity;

g. Information that may tend to compromise the safety or security of the public;

h. Content that violates a copyright, trademark or other legal ownership interest;

i. Accusations of immoral or illegal conduct.

The City disclaims responsibility and liability to the fullest extent allowed by law for any inappropriate content or posting on any network or website.

4. Employees may not remove their name or domain information from postings on a City social media site nor access a City social media site anonymously to conceal their identity. 

5. Employees may not post a personal email address to any City social media site.

6. All information posted on City social media sites is subject to Florida law, including but not limited to the Florida Public Records Act and the Sunshine law, and is subject to city resolutions, ordinances, and policies. a. The City Clerk shall develop and maintain records retention schedules for information posted to City social media sites. 

7. Questions posted to the social media sites should be answered in a timely and professional manner. 

8. Information posted on City social media sites must pertain to the promotion of the City of Cocoa or policies pertaining to the City of Cocoa. Events, issues or promotions not directly sponsored by or related to the City of Cocoa are prohibited

Click here to view the City of Cocoa Communications Policies and Procedures Manual.