Internal Recycle Pump Replacement

The IRP project consists of replacing the IRP pumps, piping, and associated appurtenances in order to allow for a greater amount of return activated sludge (RAS) to flow through the Bardenpho treatment process at the Sellers Water Reclamation Facility. The purpose is to accommodate the upcoming Advanced Wastewater Treatment (AWT) statutory requirements, which reduce allowable nutrient amounts in wastewater effluent.  The project also includes upgrades to the influent pump station, the transfer pump station, and the headworks.

Status Design
Design Start October 2022
Design Completion September 2023
Construction Start FY 2023
Construction Completion FY 2024
Spent Budget (Design Only) $214,991
Total Budget $2,061,000 (IRP only)
Percent Construction Complete 0%

Statistics as of March 2023.