Monthly Statistics

Fiscal Year 2021-2022

Monthly reports will be updated after the first Cocoa City Council meeting of the following month.

Total Calls for ServiceMedical IncidentsFire IncidentsAutomatic/Mutual Aid Provided
Automatic/Mutual Aid Received
October486326 (67%)160 (33%)787
November422308 (73%)114 (27%)6210

December386263 (68%)123 (32%)5619
January479335 (70%)144 (30%)7213
February458302 (67%)156 (33%)8117
March515355 (69%)160 (31%)8725
April461304 (66%)157 (34%)5216
May556384 (69%)172 (31%)

The City of Cocoa has automatic and mutual aid agreements with neighboring municipalities and agencies to respond to calls quickly and efficiently, ensuring the safety of our citizens and community.