Tree Photo Contest

Tree Photo Contest Overview

The City of Cocoa has been designated a Tree City USA and to commemorate this recognition, we invite our citizens and visitors to share your favorite tree in the City. A well maintained and healthy tree canopy provides beauty for our community. Trees also benefit us by improving air quality, reducing heat with shade, providing wildlife habitat, absorbing stormwater and protecting us during storms by dampening winds. 

Show Us Your Trees

Use your phone or favorite camera to take a photo of your favorite Cocoa tree and enter it in one of our designated categories listed below. Photos will be judged based on the categories they were entered. A winner will be selected from each categories as well as people’s choice. Invasive species of trees will not be considered for this contest. Previous entries will not be considered for a winning entry this year.

2022 Winning Entries in Each Category

Anyone Home winning entry, Oak with spanish mossCategory: 
  • Anyone Home?: Things that live in trees. Trees provide habitat for wildlife. Let's see some shots of the creatures living in our trees.
Winning Entry Submitted by: Jacqueline Lind
Tree: Oak with Spanish moss
Parts of a tree winning entry, Pine barkCategory: 
  • Parts of a Tree: Leaves, bark, limbs. Get creative. Let's see the many beneficial parts to our community trees.
Winning Entry Submitted by: Douglas Sphar
Tree: Pine bark
What do trees do for us winning entry, Tabebuia treeCategory: 
  • What do trees do for us?: Show us the benefit you see in your favorite tree. Do you use it to hang a swing or as a home for your favorite birds?
Winning Entry Submitted by: Susan Fricker
Tree: Tabebuia
Close-ups winning entry, Tabebuia treeCategory: 
  • Close-ups: Here is another opportunity to be creative with your photo. Show us a wonderful close-up of a Cocoa tree.
Winning Entry Submitted by: Shari Yeomans
Tree: Tabebuia
Canopy of Trees winning entry, Longleaf pineCategory: 
  • Canopy of Trees: A great canopy of trees can provide a number of great benefits including shade and protection. Show us a great tree canopy.
Winning Entry Submitted by: Douglas Sphar
Tree: Longleaf Pine
People's choice winning entry, Sothern red cedarCategory: 
  • People's Choice: All photos entered in the contest will be put on the City of Cocoa's Facebook page and the photo with the most likes will be crowned People's Choice.
Winning Entry Submitted by: Kelly Stallone
Tree: Southern Red Cedar
Photographers Choice winning entry, Cabbage palmsCategory: 
  • Photographer's Choice: Resident photographer, John Maryland chose which photo stood out to him.
Winning Entry Submitted by: Richard Fuller
Tree: Cabbage Palms

Thank you to all who entered the 2022 City of Cocoa Tree Photo Contest. Winning entries will be displayed at the Arbor Day event on Friday, April 29, 2022 from 4-7pm at Cocoa City Hall and then in the City Hall Lobby until next year.
Judge's choice winning entry, Bald cypressCategory: 
  • Judge's Choice: Arbor Day and Tree Photo Contest Committee selection. 
Winning Entry Submitted by: Lisa Haberlan
Tree: Bald Cypress


Submit your entry by 5:00pm on April 15, 2022.

Winning Entries

Winners will be contacted by Friday, April 22, 2022 and invited to the Cocoa City Council Meeting on Tuesday, April 26, 2022 for recognition. Contest winners will be displayed at City Hall and at the April 29, 2022 Arbor Day Event at City Hall from 4-7pm.

Judging Committee

Our judging committee is comprised of various members of the community including:

  • Councilwoman for District 4, Lorraine Koss
  • Citizen and Landscape expert, Linda Gombert
  • Property Owner, volunteer, and member of the City's Tree Board and Planning and Zoning Board, Aleck Greenwood
  • Members of Keep Brevard Beautiful, Kristina Fannin and Bryan Bobbitt
  • Extension agent II, M.S., horticulture from UF/IFAS Extension Brevard County, Cocoa, FL, Sally Scalera
  • Photographer, John Maryland