Water Quality Report

2020 City of Cocoa Annual Water Quality Report

PWS ID# FL 3050223

Claude H Dyal
Water Treatment Plant
351 Shearer Blvd.
Cocoa, FL 32922

A Word From Our Utilities Director

This 2020 Water Quality Report contains detailed information about your drinking water. It explains the steps we take to ensure its safety. It includes the results of the sampling and testing we conducted between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020.

In retrospect, 2020 was a challenging year as staff quickly shifted gears to protect themselves from COVID-19 while continuing to provide services to our customers. While some personnel were able to telecommute, many of the utility workers were required to be on site every day to ensure services were provided to customers. While the pandemic created a challenging work environment, staff learned to adapt and the systems in place will allow us to be more resilient in the future if faced with a similar challenge.

Our primary source of water is from the Intermediate and Floridan Aquifers. This is a well-protected ground water source located hundreds of feet underground. We supplement our groundwater supply with surface water drawn from the Taylor Creek Reservoir. The Taylor Creek Reservoir is located three miles from the Claude H. Dyal Water Treatment Plant.

Our state certified water lab conducts over ten-thousand chemical and bacteriological water quality tests each year. Our lab technicians test for more than 135 regulated and unregulated substances including lead and copper. A summary of that testing is included in this report.

I am proud to work with dedicated professionals who truly appreciate the responsibility of treating and delivering high-quality, great-tasting water.

John A. Walsh
Utilities Director

How to Obtain A Copy of This Report

This water quality report, also known as a Consumer Confidence Report, is produced annually in accordance with both federal and state requirements.

This report is also available in a PDF version and will be provided in print to customers only upon request by calling (321) 433-8705. It is also available at Cocoa City Hall, 65 Stone St., Cocoa, FL   32922 and all public libraries in our water service area. For more information about this report, for questions relating to your drinking water, call (321) 433-8705, or email ddowns@cocoafl.org.

You can obtain additional information from the EPA at their Safe Drinking Water Hotline (800-426-4791).

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Providing clean, safe, reliable drinking water for more than 60 years

Whenever you enjoy a cool, refreshing drink of Cocoa’s great-tasting water, you can feel secure that Cocoa’s water meets all federal and state requirements for drinking water. The Cocoa Utilities Department is pleased to have the opportunity, with this Water Quality Report, to present to you information about our excellent water and the services that we provide.

Cocoa provides water to approximately 85,000 connections in Cocoa, Rockledge, Port St. John, Merritt Island, Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, Suntree/Viera, Patrick AFB, and the Kennedy Space Center; serving a population of about 250,000.

The Cocoa Utilities Department is dedicated to providing our customers with premium drinking water and professional service. Our facilities are staffed with state-certified professionals to ensure that your drinking water is reliable and meets all safe drinking water standards.

As part of our commitment to excellence, we perform continuous testing and monitoring of your drinking water from our raw water supply, through the treatment process at our Dyal Water Treatment Plant (WTP), until it’s delivered to your home or business.

The Cocoa Utilities Department values the trust you put in us every day and we are grateful for your support throughout the year.water glass

Water Conservation

For information on water conservation, please vision our water conservation website.

Cocoa City Council members: Dist. 2-LaVander Hearn, Dist. 4-Lorraine Koss, Mayor-Mike Blake, Dist. 1

Cocoa City Council

  • Lavander Hearn, Councilperson District 2
  • Lorraine Koss, Councilperson District 4
  • Michael C.  Blake, Mayor
  • Alex Goins, Deputy Mayor District 1
  • Rip Dyal, Councilperson District 3

Utilities Staff

  • Jack A. Walsh, P.E., Director
  • Katherine Ennis, P.E., Deputy Director
  • Chris Collier, Assistant Director
  • Don Downs, Conservation/PR Officer

For more information contact Don Downs at 321-433-8705 or ddowns@cocoafl.org.