Compliance Review

TO: Evander Collier IV, Chief of Police

FROM: Sergeant Christopher Bradshaw, Professional Compliance

DATE: January 19, 2023

SUBJECT: 2022 Biased-Based Profiling Administrative Review

In accordance with SOP 960- (Biased Based Profiling) and CFA 2.06 (E), | have completed an annual

administrative review of the agency practices, citizen complaints and any documented concerns that

may have been received. The following is a breakdown of the information reviewed:

      - In accordance with FSS 316.614, the records division has successfully submitted their

quarterly reports to the DHSMV for the 2022 Seat Belt Violation Data Collection System. Each

of these reports documents a non-biased approach to the issuance of these citations. For

each quarter reported, the majority of citations were issued to non-Hispanic individuals.

      - A review of our current policy SOP 960 (Biased-Based Profiling) and Biased- Based Profiling

brochure was conducted. Both the policy and the brochure appear to represent a consistent

approach with regards to our current practices. There were also no notable needs for


     - During the year, 2022 there were 27 complaints received by the Office of Professional

Compliance. One of these complaints did not involve any officer with the department. Of

these 26 incidents, there were no complaints that were identified as being biased-based in


Please consider this memorandum is an administrative review of the Cocoa Police Departments

practices involving biased based profiling.