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City of Cocoa Code Enforcement Division- A Division of Police Department Neighborhood Pride
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​​Code Enforcement Staff Dennis Bunt
​Code ​Enforcement Manager Steve Murdick​
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​Welcome to City of Cocoa Code Enforcement Division a Division of Cocoa Police Department. Our mission is “to build a stronger, more vibrant and livable com-munity that provides an enhance quality of life for both residents and businesses; embraces its diversity; and preserves and promotes our historical and cultural heritage”.
​The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for maintaining heath and safety standards for properties located throughout the City by inspection and enforcement. The division is tasked with educating, restoring neighborhood pride and enforcing all City code requirements. This brochure is an informational tool for the residents of City of Cocoa and it only highlights the most commonly violated City Codes. To view a FULL copy of the City Ordinances and Codes please visit :
​​​Abandoned/ Junk Vehicle - No person shall park, keep or store any inoperable and/or unlicensed vehicle on any premises. All vehicles shall run and have a current registration & license plate. (Section 6-902)
​Accessory Structures - All accessory structures (detached garages, fences, sheds and walls) shall be maintained structurally sound and in good repair. (Section 6-1001(g))
​Recreational Equipment in Yards (RV’s & Boats but not limited to) - Recreational equipment may be parked or stored in the side & rear yard and in the front yard as follows: Front Yard - Equipment shall not exceed 22ft in length and shall be parked or stored on a paved driveway. (App. A Art XIII Sec. 14)
​Business & Rental Tax Certificate - Any person within the City limits of Cocoa owning/operating a business or rental property shall have a Business Tax Certificate that issued by the Community Services Department. (Section. 6-2003)
​Accumulation of Junk, Trash and Rubbish - All exterior property and premises shall be free of the accumulation of junk, trash and rubbish. (Section 6-900(b)(1)a-d)
​Outside Storage - No person shall permit the storage of any items such as but not limited to building materials, automotive parts and household items. (Section 6-900(b)(11))
​Unpermitted Work - No person, firm or corporation shall alter, erect or commence work to any building, structure or sign without an approved permit from the Building Division. (Section App. A Art. XV Sec. 2(a))
​ Vehicles Parked in Yard - No person shall park or permit the parking of any vehicle in the front or side yard unless parked on an approved driveway. (Section 6-900 (b)(9))
​Overgrowth/Weeds - No person shall permit weeds, grass or underbrush to exceed 12” in height on any property located in the City limits. Such properties are subject to abatement by a contractor hired by the City of Cocoa. (Section 6-1001(d)) Swimming pools, spas and hot tubs - swimming pools shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition and in good repair. Enclosures - private swimming pools, hot tubs and spas shall comply with the barrier and enclosure requirements of F.S. 515.29. (Section 6-1002)
​Placing solid waste at the street for collection - (a) Solid waste garbage carts may not be placed at the collection point prior to 5:00 p.m. on the day before collection. To be assured of pickup, solid waste shall be placed at the collection point prior to 6:00 a.m. on the day of collection. (g) Refuse containers must be removed from the collection point on the day of collection. (Section 9-27(a & g))
​Exterior Structure - This section of the Code highlights the requirements for the exterior condition of a dwelling, building or structure. Below are only the most common violations of this section of Code. (Section 6-1003(a-p))
​ 1. Protective Treatment– all exteriors surfaces shall be maintained in good condition, no peeling or chipped paint.
​2. Premises Identification - All dwellings, building or structures shall have address numbers placed in plain sight .
​3. Exterior Walls - All walls shall be free of holes, cracks breaks and loose or rotting material.
​4. Windows & Doors - All windows and doors shall be weather tight, in good repair and operational.
​5. Roofs & Drainages - All roofs and drains shall be sound, tight and be free of defects that might admit rain.