Annual Awards

Thursday, March 15, 2018 11:46 AM

Officers, Employees and Citizens Recognized for Outstanding Service

(Cocoa, FL)—More than a dozen people were recognized for outstanding public service to the citizens of Cocoa and the Cocoa Police Department in a special awards ceremony held Wednesday evening. Chief Mike Cantaloupe and members of the police department command staff, along with members of council and city leadership recognized selfless acts by private citizens, outstanding job performance by officers and civilian employees, life saving and meritorious service and acts of valor.

 Among the awards presented were Officer and Employee of the year. The Officer of the Year award was presented to Detective Debra Titkanich for her tireless and dedicated work seeking justice for victims of child abuse and sex crimes. In 2017 Detective Titkanich’s efforts yielded a combined 100-plus years of prison and probation for the cases she worked. During the year, Detective Titkanich participated in significant investigations and undercover operations that yielded the arrests of more than a dozen suspects who had either meant to do harm to children or had actually committed unthinkable acts on children and are now in custody facing lengthy prison sentences. Detective Titkanich exhibits great passion when it comes to getting justice for victims and her passion translates into successful arrests in pursuit of successful prosecutions. “Detective Titkanich’s hard work is making a positive impact,” said Chief Mike Cantaloupe. “Her dedication to getting justice for the most vulnerable victims is not only admirable it is inspiring.”

 The Employee of the Year award was presented to Charlene Jenkins-Catechis. Catehis is described as a true professional who keeps the department running “on all cylinders”. Her knowledge of department policies and procedures is unmatched. If she doesn’t know the answer to a question, she knows where to find it and does so quickly and efficiently. This skill set has proved vital in the processing of new employees, of which there have been many in the last year. Catechis often steps out of her administrative role to help with community projects like the department’s Shop with a Cop, Breakfast with the Chief fundraiser, the annual charity golf tournament and more. “Charlene is a key member of this department and her work ethic is deserving of this recognition,” Chief Cantaloupe added. “She is a dedicated and diligent employee and we appreciate all of her efforts.”

 The rest of the 2017 award recipients are as follows:

Certificate of Appreciation:

• Krystel Hattaway

• Carolyn Hattaway

• Tammie Hilton

• Brevard County Sheriff’s Deputy John Hubinger

• Brevard County Sheriff’s Deputy Terry Pelton

• Carly Macdonald

Meritorious Service Ribbon:

• K9 Officer Brian Delos Santos

• Agent Ben Erskine

Injury Medal:

Motor Officer Rickford Leitch

Life Saving Award:

Officer Luis Hernandez-Martin

40 Years of Service:

Officer James Frazier

VCOP 1st Quarter and VCOP of the Year:

Carlo Mastropaolo

VCOP of the 4th Quarter:

 Charles McGrath

Employee of the 1st Quarter: (and Employee of the Year)

 Charlene Jenkins-Catechis

Employee of the 2nd Quarter:

 Megan Carrothers

Employee of the 3rd Quarter:

 April Staton

Employee of the 4th Quarter:

 Donna Dallaire

Officer of the 1st Quarter and Officer of the Year:

 Detective Debra Titkanich

Officer of the 2nd Quarter:

 Sgt. Mark Rush

Officer of the 3rd Quarter:

 Officer Michael Cox

Officer of the 4th Quarter:

 Officer Mike Cavalieri