2016 Officer of the Year:  Agent Doug Monda


Agent Doug Monda spearheaded an operation that culminated in May of 2016 which led to nearly 40 arrests at Provost Park. This park is notorious for drug dealing and related crimes. The time and effort to tackle this kind of operation is more than commendable. Furthermore, Agent Monda approaches his work in this fashion everyday whether it is big or small.

Also Agent Monda had undergone some personal sacrifices and gains that he has made over the past year. Agent Monda endured some personal hardships that left him in a very dark place in his life. He knows personally what it is like to suffer from depression and how life threatening it can be. Agent Monda used these personal experiences and his own treatment to make a very important and brave decision. He decided to speak out for victims of depression and help those in need. Agent Monda has been an active part of several organizations. He has personally spoken at events telling his own story in an effort to help others. He has helped organize events and used his talent in triathlons to benefit this cause. Some of the events and organizations that he has been involved in include:

Speaking to police recruits at Eastern Florida State College, The November 2014 & 2015 Miami Zoo Man Triathlon, Shine the Light in May 2016, Safe Call Now (in Texas) July 2016

Agent Monda has taken several phone calls at home on his personal time and always made himself available to anyone in crisis. He is a shining example of how a person can turn a tragedy into a blessing.