Remembering Junny


April 18, 2017

This message is from Junny's mother, Vicki Rios-Martinez.  It was posted on his Facebook page. 2017 marks the 26th year since his death. This case impacted the entire Cocoa Police Department and the community we serve.  We stand with the family in remembrance. 

"Letting go. This year on the dreadful date I choose to focus on the blessings, not the losses. Besides it being my granddaughter Mac Kenzie's birthday it is also a long time friend Marisa Porto's special day. Blessings, Blessings, and more blessings everything is always working out for me, I am surrounded by love. Thank you, to my friends who share this date with me. Let it mark a new beginning, a setting of new goals to accomplish, of following our dreams, and living our life to the fullest moment to moment. Time to let go of the pain and sorrow, it has taught us so much. Time to make life happen. Time to laugh a lot. We remember we will never forget."