Quick-thinking Teen Helps Detectives Catch Suspect

2017-11192 (teeth)

March 28, 2017

Quick Thinking Teen Helps Detectives Catch Suspect

(Cocoa, FL)—A would-be child sex offender was quickly stopped after a quick thinking teen worked with detectives to identify him and quickly make an arrest. On March 28th detectives arrested Audencio Orozco-Fuentes for simple battery and lewd and lascivious battery. The victim, a 15-year-old female reports she was approached while walking to her school bus stop. According the victim the man would pass her and her cousin every morning as they walked to the bus stop. On March 27th, the victim was walking by herself and the same male passed her, stopped and turned towards her. The suspect approached her, pulled on her shirt and motioned for her to go with him into a house nearby. The suspect indicated he wanted to have sex with the girl. The victim immediately called her mother and ran home. When she arrived at school, she reported the incident and later met with detectives. Working with detectives, the girl and her cousin provided a detailed description to Facelogics, a private company that provides remote access to composite sketch artists 24 hours a day. An computerized image was produced and patrol units with detectives were able to identify and locate the suspect the next morning. The suspect was held on $35,000 bond and immigration authorities were contacted due to his status as an illegal resident.