Community Services

This department directs the physical growth of the City and provides a full range services, including:
  • Building & Permitting
  • Community Redevelopment Agencies
  • Economic Development
  • Housing & Neighborhood Services
  • Planning & Zoning

Our Mission

Serving Cocoa to build a stronger, more vibrant and livable community that provides an enhance quality of life for both residents and businesses; embraces its diversity; and preserves and promotes our historical and cultural heritage.


  • Manages the City's Comprehensive Plan, annexations, and land development regulations.
  • Issues building permits, reviews site and building plans, and inspects buildings and sites. 
  • Issues Local Business Tax Receipts and renewals.
  • Oversees federal and state housing and community development grant funds.
  • Oversees the City's two CRAs - Cocoa and Diamond Square.
  • Encourages business attraction and retention.
  • Performs Emergency Management Support Functions - information and planning and damage assessment. 


The Administration manages all the functions of the department and ensures that all activities and special projects are meeting community needs in an effective and efficient manner.