K-9 Copper's First Training Exercise

February 22, 2017

"Copper" is about 4 months old and is currently in training for tracking to help find missing persons. Copper is part of the Community Resource Unit with his human Officer Chris Hattaway. Together the two have been going around the city to various events to meet the residents. They also visit local schools. Copper is still a pup but his natural instinct is to track.  He is working with Officer Hattaway and another K9 Officer Brian Delos Santos to hone his search and find skills. During one of his first “hide and seek” training exercises he was training to find Officer Delos Santos who hid himself about one city block away. During the exercise, he was taken to the last point where the “missing” subject was known to have been. Once Copper picked up the scent, he found Officer Delos Santos very quickly. Watch video here. We love this new addition to the CPD and we can’t wait for you to meet him. Follow Copper on FACEBOOK.