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They are the voice of calm on your worst day and one week out of each year we honor them for the role they play in public safety. This week is National Public Safety Telecommunicator's week and we wanted to share the love. Meet our very own Telecommunicator Darlene Lanza. She shares what it's like being behind the scenes of an emergency call. We appreciate her and all of her colleagues in our Communications Center! Thank you for your service and always answering the call for help! You can read more at this link:…/

Park, Walk and Talk CPD

If you see officers walking around in your neighborhood it may not be for a critical incident. These officers may be on foot patrol and may be approaching your home just to say hello and have a casual conversation. It’s part of a not so new program known as “Park, Walk and Talk” and it is designed to get officers out of their patrol cars and into the neighborhoods they patrol. The idea is to get to know the residents and learn about any issues and/or concerns. The information will be used to better allocate resources to address problem areas. #ParkWalkTalk #COCOAPD #CPD


Meet “Shorty”, “Peanut” and the boy they nicknamed “Steph Curry” for his “unstoppable” moves on the court! It was purely by chance they ended up on this bodycam video. While out searching for repeat offenders Wednesday evening, Detective Ben Erskine encountered the three young males playing basketball at Joe Lee Smith Park. Detective Erskine began talking with the boys when three other officers arrived. The encounter then turned into a 5-6 minute game of 3-on-3 basketball with Detective Erskine, Detective Anthony Colombo, Officer George Menendez and Officer Amanda Torello who was the “odd man out”. Officer Menendez made sure his bodycam was capturing the moment in hopes the NBA took notice. Those kids can sure play ball! Of course they won the game but it wasn’t a bad showing by the boys in blue! According to Detective Erskine, "It was a much needed break".