Cocoa PD is Dedicated to Helping Victims Survive and Break the Cycle

It happens more than we want to believe. Domestic violence in the home in many cases go unreported for a variety of reasons, and unfortunately sometimes until it’s too late and someone dies. We saw this tragedy in our own city when an estranged couple could not reconcile. In the case, the estranged wife attempted to reconcile her marriage to her husband of approximately 4 years. When he refused, she confronted him. Armed with a handgun she fired several rounds killing him. The woman fled the scene only to end her life a short time later with a self-inflicted.

These types of cases are extremely rare, especially when the female is the one using the deadly force. It is rarer still when there is no prior documented history of domestic violence.

It is hard to understand and difficult to prevent. Domestic violence is all about control. Experts say it is purposeful behavior that is aimed at dominating one’s partner, and often one’s children as well.

The good news is there is help and protection available for those who seek it. Here at the Cocoa Police Department we have people dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence break free. It is not easy. Often, the victims fear leaving for a variety of reasons including economic dependency and the fear of more violence. The first step is perhaps the most difficult. But I encourage anyone affected by domestic violence to get help. Get connected to resources. There are so many people and social service agencies ready and willing to help you. Locally we have a victim advocate available any time. If you need someone to talk to or request assistance you may contact us at 321-639-7620 (option 4) and ask to have a victim advocate contact you. I also recommend the Florida Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-500-1119. Wherever you are, this hotline can find help for you including emergency shelter if needed.

Whatever you do, please do not stay in a violent relationship. We are here to help and I hope this information helps you get started on your path to peace.