While You're Away Vacation House Check Program

Going on a well-deserved vacation, planning to be out of town, or away from home for an extended period of time?

The While You’re Away Program is an invaluable courtesy service offered by the City of Cocoa to its residents. The primary purpose of this program is to offer vacationing, seasonal, and year-round residents the reassurance that if a problem exists at their property such as suspicious activity, utility emergencies, or other emergency conditions, the resident or their designated key holder can be contacted expeditiously. 

In addition to sworn police officers, members of the Cocoa Police Department’s Volunteer Citizen’s Observer Program (VCOP) may also conduct periodic Vacation House Checks on your home while you are away and immediately notify you or your designee of any problems or concerns at your residence. Participants can provide contact information for themselves or a key holder which will enable the Police Department to more quickly remedy emergency situations. 

It is important to note that the While You’re Away Program is not intended, or designed, to replace home security systems or other security services. Rather, it is a courtesy service designed to further protect your home and enhance the Police Department’s ability to rapidly respond to, and remedy, an emergency at the homes of our residents. 

Qualifications for While You’re Away Vacation Check Program 

  • Residence must be within the City of Cocoa
  • A “Vacation House Check” form must be completed and delivered to the Cocoa Police Department at least 72 hour prior to your departure.
  • The authorization and waiver section of the form must be signed before accepting the form.
  • These forms may be completed in one of the following ways:
    • Online Form Submittal
    • Printed and completed form dropped off at the Cocoa Police Department
    • *No forms will be accepted by mail*
  • Service does not include feeding animals, watering plants, or picking-up mail and newspapers.
  • Service is not available for homes that are vacant, for rent or occupied during your leave.
  • Vacation Checks will not exceed beyond 30 days and residents are required to call the Police Department upon their return home.

Thank you for this opportunity to better serve you. 

To arrange this, please fill out an online Vacation House Check request form:

Vacation House Check Online/Printable Request Form


DISCLAIMER: Requesting a vacation house check does not guarantee that a burglary or other crime will not occur at your residence. This program is only intended to be a request for the Cocoa Police Department to check your home periodically, based on the availability of an officer and/or VCOP. There are no guarantees that your home will be checked while you are away. No additional police response or protection is being guaranteed by requesting a vacation house check, other than normal police services and protection which is provided to the general public. 

Consequently, it is recommended that you make every effort to safeguard against losses including securing of high value property, using proper locking devices, alarm systems, etc.

Safety/Security Tips While You’re Away